The Lukens Foundation

The Lukens Foundation - A non-profit organization


Our mission is to support the development of youth through sports, education and community service.




 The foundation’s objective is to help reduce activity fees and related costs so we increase the number of youth who develop important social skills through participation in community organizations.  


The foundation endeavor’s to provide supplemental scholarships to area high school students. Our goal is to help defray the cost of the continuing education for applicants from our surrounding communities who are affiliated with our foundation and maintain academic standards defined by the foundation.

Community Service

 We are committed to and require our members to give back to the community that embraced, and supported us by helping to alleviate the same or similar challenges that other members of the community face.   We will accomplish this through our yearly community events; as well as partnering with other non-profit organizations where our members can help make a positive impact in our community.